What is Corteza?

Corteza is a fully open-source platform with minimal technological, operational, financial and legal limitations.

The goal of Corteza Project is to make the Corteza platform the best low-code, integration and structured data management platform in the world, delivering both a great user experience and a full suite of powerful features.

The vision of Corteza Project, however, is broader, which is to create a product that will break down the barriers that prevent people and organizations from delivering the sustainable economies the world requires if it’s going to survive.

This combined goal and vision means that Corteza is two things:

An app development, process workflow and integration platform that breaks down technical, financial and intellectual property barriers by:

  • being free and accessible to all in every way
  • being deployable both locally or internationally, on the cloud or on an organization’s own servers
  • being fully internationalized
  • ensuring that ownership rights to the apps an organization builds on the platform remain with the organization.

A digital infrastructure that breaks down the barriers to digital freedom:

  • by connecting with and accepting data from any third-party software platform or cloud
  • by federating on a many-to-many basis so that no user’s activity is locked in a silo, but can extend to a global scale
  • by enabling searches within or between data federations so users can  collaborate, solve problems or grow together
  • by allowing end-users and organizations to visualize where their data is stored anywhere in Corteza federations and then manage that data from a single point of entry

By default, Corteza harmonizes all the data of the organizations that use Corteza. As more organizations adopt Corteza, the world will move towards greater data harmony, allowing us to catalogue and measure our planet’s finite resources. This will make it possible for responsible leaders in both the public and private sectors to make ethical decisions that will lead the world to circular, sustainable economies.


Public good

Corteza’s software and other offerings are designed and provided as a public good for the public benefit.

Open & Transparent

Corteza’s governance and operations are open and transparent, using best practices from across the not-for-profit, private, and public sectors.

Diverse & Inclusive

Corteza’s members, policies, and programmes are designed to actively foster diverse, inclusive, and non-discriminatory participation.

Built for Humanity

Corteza’s software and other offerings have real impact on people’s lives. As such, they are designed, built, and provided with a strong emphasis on quality, privacy, security, and usability.

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