Process Workflows

Corteza lets you design, automate, deploy and manage business processes at any level of complexity and make changes on the fly without need for coding.

Visual Workflow Builder

Corteza lets you create and iterate intuitive BPMN 2.0 business workflows to automate your business operations and processes.

Javascript Scripting Engine

Corteza’s Node.js scripting environment lets you create customized automation scripts to implement your unique business logic.

Flexible Process Modelling

Corteza lets you build unlimited, highly configurable data fields and create relationships between them.

Bi-Directional API Integration

Corteza lets you incorporate BPM functionality into your external applications using its REST API. The Integration Gateway connect with your third-party apps.

Import/Export Workflows

Export and import complete workflows as YAML files to use anywhere you like.

Messaging Queues

Corteza lets you set different parts of Corteza to communicate and process operations asynchronously and allow software components to connect to the queue to send and receive messages.

Chart & Page Builder

Corteza lets you create and customize stunning visual UIs for your process applications for easy monitoring, management and analysis.

Advanced Reporting

Corteza lets you track performance indicators to pinpoint process inefficiencies. Create detailed reports with no need to export data to external systems.

Access Controls

Let users create, modify or work with workflows according to their roles or responsibilities.

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