Low-Code App Development

Corteza lets you build, iterate and deploy limitless data-based apps from the ground up, on top of, next to or to replace existing software and databases.

App Builder

Corteza comes with a block-based, drag-and-drop app builder. Corteza is built-in Golang, while front ends are delivered in Vue.js,

Visual Workflow Builder

Corteza lets you create intuitive workflows and automations within and between applications and Corteza instances.

Javascript Scripting Engine

Corteza lets you access and automate any component on the Corteza server with no need to learn a proprietary scripting language.

Flexible Data Modelling

Corteza lets you build unlimited, highly configurable data fields and create relationships between them.

Scalable Architecture

All data models are stored in Corteza’s backend separate from the UIs you create so you can reuse models, insert additional elements or factor them into the UI retrospectively without impacting your production model.

API Connectivity

You can reach any part of Corteza via an API and transform and control the data as you like via the Integration Gateway. Corteza’s REST API lets you push data in or pull data out of any Corteza application.

Chart & Page Builder

Corteza lets you create dashboards and add components such as charts, metrics or iframes to all your application pages.

Advanced Reporting

Corteza lets you generate an unlimited number of reports across database tables and Corteza applications at any level of granularity.

Import/Export Apps

Export and import complete app configurations as YAML files.

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