A Digital Work Platform for Humanity

For humanity to survive and thrive, we need to work together, not apart. Corteza is a fully open, fully standardized application development, work process, integration and data harmonization platform created to help us work together by moving the world towards greater global digital unity and, by doing so, help humankind maintain sustainable economic growth within the finite space that is our planet Earth.

This ambitious goal is unperpinned by several features that are fundamental to Corteza:

  • By connecting with and accepting data from any third-party software platform or cloud, making it easy for business enterprises, local governments, NGOs, emergency response units, disaster relief organizations and more to collaborate on and share data, applications and work processes across or between each other.
  • By federating on a many-to-many basis, Corteza ensures that no organization’s digital activity, application builds or work processes are locked in a silo, but can instead extend to a global scale. As a result, businesses can operate and cooperate more efficiently, cities can respond to situations and emergencies faster and with the right resources, relief agencies can share data and innovate solutions without bumping into security protocols and more.
  • By enabling searches within or between data federations, organizations can find the information they need to collaborate and create digital solutions together, whether they are research institutes, industrial affiliates, smart cities or public health authorities.

Together, these features and more serve to harmonize and unify the data and digital output of the organizations that use Corteza.

No platform can force people to work together, but as more and more organizations adopt Corteza, the world will naturally move towards global digital unity, allowing responsible leaders in both the public and private sectors to make decisions that will lead the world to circular, sustainable economic growth.

Planet Crust & The Commons Conservancy

Corteza was conceived and created by Planet Crust, which maintains and continues to develop Corteza.

The goal is to create a fully open, standards-oriented platform that will move the world towards global data harmony, thereby helping us maintain continued economic growth within the finite space that is our planet Earth. As part of this goal, Planet Crust contributes and continues to contribute all core technology and intellectual property for Corteza to the Commons Conservancy Foundation software foundation.

The Commons Conservancy Foundation dictates that the Corteza project must be managed in the public interest, while the independent Board of Directors of the project ensures that no working group initiative within Corteza has a purpose that is contrary to that objective. “Trust” is the central theme that permeates all activities in the Corteza project.

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