Integration Platform

Corteza lets you seamlessly integrate apps and data across and between environments, including on-premise, public and private clouds and legacy applications.


With Corteza you can push data in or pull data out of any Corteza application, so you can grab whatever optimized data you want and put it where you need it. Transform and use data for your own purposes to handle iPaaS type use cases using the Corteza Integration Gateway.

Integration Gateway

Corteza lets you connect with any third-party source, whether it supports a REST API or not, as well as pre-filter data payloads it receives from third-party systems, or call on Corteza Workflow to process data or perform further actions on it, including post-filtering and sending it to a third-party system.

Integration Flows

Use Corteza to create integration flows that automate data transfers between different applications, siloed data sources and third-party systems.

App-to-App Integration

Corteza lets you connect applications, systems or data located on-premises or in the cloud and automatically implement interfaces and data flows.

Microservice Integration

Use Corteza to automatically create and publish APIs to support microservices.

Data Integration

Corteza can translate data formats and validate real-time synchronized data in place of script-driven batch data transfers.

Cloud and Local Integrations

Corteza lets you connect your platforms wherever they’re installed – on-premises, remotely, or on one or multiple clouds – while preserving legacy in-house integrations.

Endpoint Connectors

Corteza lets you easily connect applications directly via API, including protocols such as FTP/SFTP, HTTP/S, OFTP, OFTP2, XML standards, EDI, EDIFACT, SWIFT, Open Data Protocol, Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol and others.

Custom Connectors

Corteza lets you build custom connectors for specific apps and modify access mechanisms

Centralized Console

Corteza has a centralized console for you to create, manage, and govern integrations.

Developer Tools

Use Corteza to customize complex integration flows and modernize legacy applications by adding social media and business data management integration.


Use Corteza to monitor integrations for failures, latency, resource utilization and workflow performance. Manage and monitor application flows.

Data Formats

Corteza lets you process, clean and transform data in JSON.


Corteza can handle large-scale data operations and concurrent executions.

Real-Time Processing

Corteza lets you perform real-time processing and batch data integration.

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