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Want to help improve Corterza? Are you missing a particular feature in Corteza? Have you found a problem or a bug? Want to help translate, promote or document Corteza?

The best thing to do is to join the Corteza Project on GitHub and get involved on the Corteza forum. You can also follow and interact with Corteza Project on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Contribute to Corteza

To contribute to Corteza, please start by reading the Developer Guide/Corteza Server document for details regarding the development setup, the project structure, and feature insight documents.

Please also refer to for contribution guidelines and the code of conduct.

If you’re ready to tackle some open issues, we’ve collected some good first issues for you.

And don’t forget to join the forum to provide help, submit bugs, request features and talk about Corteza.

Test Corteza

Testing upcoming Corteza releases is the best way to make sure the new release can do what you need it to do. And of course, the only way for developers to know about any problems and fix them is if you report them!

To submit bug reports, please go to open the issues section of the corresponding GitHub repository:

Corteza Docs

Answer Questions About Corteza

Join the Corteza forum to answer questions users and developers have about Corteza.

Please be considerate of our code of conduct. We want to provide a positive and enjoyable environment for everybody.