Corteza Platform

Corteza lets you connect to any record-based data source as well as integrate with on-premise systems, private clouds, public clouds and legacy applications and systems.

API-Centric Architecture

Corteza lets you connect with third-party apps or incorporate BPM functionality into your external applications.

Open Standards

Corteza follows best practices for: OpenID Connect, OAuth 2, SAML, SCIM Authentication and ID Management; REST API and Integration Gateway; BPMN 2.0 Workflows; ActivityStreams/ActivityPub Sharing and Federation; JSON and CSV data formats; WCAG 2.1 Accessibility; Internationalization.

Data Harmonization

Corteza connects with data from different sources in different formats and transforms it into a common open format and integrates seamlessly with legacy environments.


Corteza lets you export and import complete app configurations, workflows and record data without limits. Corteza uses its Envoy subsystem to import data and map imported legacy data to new application data models.

Database Independent

Corteza supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with others to be added, along with support for multiple, simultaneous database sources.

Data Access Layer

Isolate code from the presentation and business layers, or pull data from different data stores (database server, flat files, web services, whatever else) or when changing the underlying database such as when moving from one relational database such as PostgreSQL to MySQL and then abstracting the underlying database.

Customizable UI

Corteza lets you customize its UI to reflect your brand, create custom color schemes, add new block types or create your own web interface that connects directly to the Corteza backend server.

Cloud-Ready Architecture

Corteza is cloud-ready and deployable via Docker so that Corteza can run on any major OS and is easy to maintain.

Cloud-to-Cloud Data Federation

Corteza can federate data records on a many-to-many basis, allowing organizations to share selected data at scale between any Corteza-based systems in a standardized, usable way in near real-time.

Local Developer Environment

Corteza lets you set up an offline environment for developing or testing apps and workflows.

Role- & Responsibility-Based Access

Coretza lets you control who can do what with your Corteza according to their roles or responsibilities.

Admin Console

Corteza’s admin console lets you manage users, authentications and access across all applications and system features with role-based permissions and multi-factor authentication.

Advanced Search

Corteza lets you search any part of Corteza according to access permissions, including data federated from third-party Corteza instances.

Data Privacy Features

Configure and describe where and how sensitive data is stored on a module-field level, giving administrators more control over data privacy and managing private data. The Data Privacy Console allows users to request to remove, change or download personal data.

Multi-Factor ID

Corteza lets you require users to provide two or more means of verification to access your Corteza of web apps.

OpenID Connect/OAuth2

Corteza makes it possible to let your users use their social media credentials to log into your Corteza or web apps.


Corteza lets you connect to Active Directory so users can use their Active Directory ID to log into Corteza or access multiple web apps with a single set of login credentials.


Corteza lets you automatically apply permissions according to predefined roles and map roles in your LDAP server to roles in Corteza.


Corteza lets you customize your Corteza and create custom email and document templates.

Responsive UI

All application user interfaces created in Corteza are mobile responsive by default.


Corteza is internationalized according to the i18n standard, enabling Corteza to support localization into any of the Earth’s 7,000+ languages.

Inclusive Design and Accessibility

The Corteza app builder Admin Console and any applications you build with Corteza are all WCAG 2.1 accessible by default.

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