Goal: Target WCAG 2.0 compliance for accessibility for Corteza low-code developer and user interface, and administration

Main Activities:

  • Coreteza Auth screens redesign and optimization
  • Corteza Low-code admin panel redesign
  • Corteza Low-code public pages UI redesign
  • Corteza Administration interface redesign
  • Accessibility improvements based on the Digital accessibility quick scan report provided by Harmen Lanser of Accessibility.nl on March 23th 2021

During the path to become fully-accessible, we accepted one of the main product principles we’re going to follow in all future development of Corteza:

Accessibility is a constant requirement. We’re never “done” working on the accessibility.

General redesign and accessibility guidelines we followed:

  • Increase size of fonts and other visual elements
  • Assure sufficient contrast on all UI elements
  • Include discernible text to every link, image and button
  • Assure readable structure of the UI for visually impaired (Corteza now works at 500% browser zoom)
  • Design for keyboard accessibility
  • Use the correct HTML element for all content
  • Design focus states to help users navigate
  • Use ARIA attributes when applicable
  • Improve screen readers experience

Based on the Accessibility.nl report, we provided a document attached below explaining how exactly we resolved identified issues, attaching screenshots and links to the relevant source code:

Corteza Accessibility reverse report 04-05-2021.pdf

Tools used for the accessibility assessment:

  • Axe Chrome Extension – Accessibility checker for WCAG 2 and Section 508 accessibility (link)
  • WAVE – Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (link)
  • HeadingsMap (link)

Redesign Examples:

Corteza login screen

Corteza Low-code admin panel

Corteza Low-code public pages

Corteza Administration interface

Corteza Discovery pages:
Corteza Discovery – UI Prototype
Corteza Discovery – Detailed Architecture
Corteza Discovery – Corteza Accessibility Improvements
Corteza Discovery – Proof of Concept Development