Goal: Deliver local and federated data search functionality as a proof of concept.

Corteza Discovery Searcher Repository

Handles access control and ensures that users that search the data only have sufficiently restricted access.

We ensure that by using the same authentication mechanisms (JWT, OAuth2) as the entire Corteza. When a user does not present expected credentials search scope is limited to public indexes only.

Searcher also normalizes search queries and aggregation conditions to internal (ES) representation.

Next steps:

  • Front-end implementation
  • Full implementation of per-role access-control

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Corteza Discovery Indexer Repository

The indexer is a background worker that performs incremental or full indexation data.

Administrators configure it with credentials that allow it to access a subset of Corteza API that is optimized for this kind of use. The indexer can be configured with multiple sets of permissions that allow the creation of public and private indexes.

Next step:

  • Support for incremental indexation

Source code


2021.6.x-feature-discovery branch in Corteza server repository

Changes that provide a subset of Corteza API that allow optimized use for full and incremental data indexing with additional endpoints for meta-data to aid with index mapping configuration (type of fields, boosting).

Each Corteza resource (user, application, module, namespace) can be indexed (if configured) and each type of (module) record can be index with full control on the level of record fields. This is fully controlled through existing core components for access control: special discovery-indexer clients are created and given access to different parts of data (users, modules, fields, records).

Next step:

  • Support for incremental indexation

Source code


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