Building the Digital Work Platform for Humanity

Corteza is a 100% free, open-source, Low Code platform for building your organisation’s key applications, growing its productivity and protecting its data and the privacy of all those concerned. It is developed entirely in the public domain.

Latest news:

Corteza 2021.9.2 has been released. It includes a long list of updates and improvements. Important upgrade notes: if you wish to enable functions for workflow – action log interaction, the ACTIONLOG_ENABLE_WORKFLOW_FUNCTIONS .env variable must be set. Added: Added a user interface to configure SMTP setting; such configuration does not require server restart (0b69d1a2, 20a85d8). Added […]

Corteza 2021.9.1 has been released, and includes the following updates and improvements: Added: Added handle/slug error text in Compose (c7f543ec). Extend record export with filter in Compose (1f5d2abf). Added tooltip for Integration Gateway endpoint in Admin (d897ba3d). Added server sorting fields to integration gateway to support UI (c388f8). Added Bytes ([]byte) expression type (614237). Changed: […]

Cork, Ireland, 11 October 2021. Crust Technology, the driving force behind the open-source low-code platform Corteza, is excited to announce a new major release: Corteza 2021.9. This release adds loads of new functionality to Corteza. Highlights of this release are added support for internationalization, an Integration Gateway, a new reporting tool, the ability to export […]

The Corteza project is developed by Planet Crust, its founder and primary contributor.