Building the Digital Work Platform for Humanity

Corteza is a 100% free, open-source, Low Code platform for building your organisation’s key applications, growing its productivity and protecting its data and the privacy of all those concerned. It is developed entirely in the public domain.

Latest news:

Corteza 2021.9.11 has been released. It includes the following fixes: Fixed: Fixed improper PostgreSQL formatting for ISO timestamp templates by adding an edge-case exception (#034a7f9). Fixed improper number and text setting value decoding by covering edge-cases (#ced2daf). Fixed improper module field resource translation encoding, decoding, and store persistance causing the field description and hint field […]

Planet Crust has released a new update of Corteza with several new features, such as record list filter preservation in the local browser storage. Additionally, a list of changes and fixes is included. Release notes: Added: Added an empty check for module field name validation (d3c33a6). Added more descriptive tab titles based on what page […]

Planet Crust has released a new update of Corteza including new features, such as additional Geometry field options and persistent storage on record filters. Additionally, an extensive list of fixes, such as a memory leak fix, have been included. With this release, the stability, speed and User Experience of Corteza have improved significantly. Release notes: […]

The Corteza project is developed by Planet Crust, its founder and primary contributor.