Corteza is a 100% open-source, fully standardized low-code app development, business process, integration and data harmonization platform.

Corteza’s backend is built in Golang, the multi-threaded computing language developed by Google to build and manage its application infrastructure. Its front end is written in Vue.js, a lightweight javascript framework. Corteza uses W3C standards and formats wherever possible and all Corteza components are accessible via RestAPI. Corteza is cloud-native and deploys via Docker containers.

Corteza is licensed under an Apache 2.0 license and is, and always will be, freely available to all.

Corteza was conceived and created by Planet Crust, which continues to maintain and develop Corteza and is Corteza’s primary contributor.

Latest Releases

Corteza 2021.9.6 has been released. It includes the following updates, improvements and changes. Added: Added support for RTL direction. Added support for additional arguments when invoking automation scripts via API (91eb88d2). Added support for resource translation on select field options (c72902a8). Added support for SAML signed requests (5e4486c7, 7ec02f6e). Added support for SAML HTTP binding […]

Corteza 2021.9.5 has been released. It includes a long list of updates and improvements. Important upgrade notes: The record import via the import CLI command requires you to provide module field definitions along with the record import definitions. The constraint will be lifted in future patch releases. Added: Role security (forbidden, permitted, forced) on external […]

Corteza 2021.9.4 has been released. It includes a long list of updates and improvements. Added: Added .env options to control OAuth2 access and refresh token lifetime Added support for base password constraints Added translations for webapp-workflow Added custom processing button Added multi select to workflow options prompts Added warning when workflow triggers paths change Added […]