Building the Digital Work Platform for Humanity

Corteza is a 100% free, open-source, Low Code platform for building your organisation’s key applications, growing its productivity and protecting its data and the privacy of all those concerned. It is developed entirely in the public domain.

Latest news:

Crust, the driving force behind the Corteza Project, released today a Corteza update, improving stability and performance. This update is for the latest version of Corteza, 2020.12, which was released in last December. To upgrade your Corteza instance to this latest version, please check out the Corteza documentation.  

Corteza 2020.12 has been released, as announced by the Crust Technology, the driving force behind the Corteza Project. This release comes with many new features and improvements, and includes experimental support for record federation. As a result, this makes the Corteza platform the first open-source federated cloud solution for record sharing in the world. New […]

In September 2020, Crust Technology announced that it was being funded by the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet initiative to deliver the Corteza platform as a federated cloud solution for record sharing. After months of development, Corteza’s Record Federation federation feature will be available in the upcoming 2020.12 version, set for release on 22 December […]

The Corteza project is developed by Planet Crust, its founder and primary contributor.