In Development

Data privacy
Privacy management infrastructure

Multiple data sources
Bringing any kind of data into Corteza and manipulating it as any other Compose Record (supported drivers: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Charts enhancement
Migrating to a new and more powerful platform for rendering charts – Apache ECharts

Permission checker (phase 1)
Permission validator per individual user or a combination of several roles

Alternative number field view
Progress bar

Planned Next

JSON-LD Serialization
Plus support for ontology and vocabulary

Multiple record pages
Ability to generate several record pages for a single module

Conditional fields
Set dependencies between fields

Portal User Journey and QA Design

Namespace Export and Import Improvements
Importing YAML files directly from the Ecosystem portal

Improved workflow management:
Linking modules

Import conflict detection (CLI)

Duplicate detection
Ability to configure potential duplicate detection on the record list

Low-code configuration wizard
Simplified Compose user journey

Support for SQLServer as the primary database and as a data-source driver

Migrating to mono-repo to simplify integration pipelines and releasing

Improved backend plugins
Move away from native Golang plugins to, e.g., hashicorp/go-plugin.

Improved developer experience
Adding more runtime and debug information to backend’s web console.

Coming Later

Ecosystem Intellectual Property Assignment and Protection
Allow YAML file configuration to be a third parties private intellectual property

Ecosystem Portal
First-generation of ecosystem applications and integrations

Proof-of-concept migration to the Flutter framework

Permission checker (phase 2)
Extended permissions matrix view with all possible combinations of roles/users in a single view

Import conflict detection (UI)
Interface to manage potential conflicts during the import (override modules, field types, etc.)

Resource locking
Disabling simultaneous data model changes to prevent data loss

MongoDB support
MongoDB as a primary database and as a data-source driver

Vue upgrade
Migration of frontend apps to Vue.js v3

Plugin-ready architecture
Frontend plugin architecture to allow extending and overriding pages, blocks and field types