Goal: Deliver detailed architectural documentation

Handling access control

  • With each indexed record we store list of groups that are allowed to read a document and list of groups that are denied from reading the doc;
  • With each search a list of user’s roles is provided that we match with every document

Handling hit landing page

  • Not in the domain of the Corteza Discovery, we store the destination URL with every indexed document and we redirect user to it.
    Corteza Discovery Architecture overview

    Indexing Policies

      • Each indexing policy is configured to index a subset (or all) module fields.
      • Record values in these fields are indexed and published accordingly.
      • We are relying on internal RBAC mechanisms to protect the records and their values.

    New system-level roles:

    • Public indexer. Meant for users that are not logged-in.
    • Protected indexer. Meant for foreign systems that are under some kind of access control.
    • Private indexer. Used by known, authenticated users to do cross-system searches.

    Indexed records can then be stored in 1 or 3 different ES indexes. When search is performed only one of the indexes is used depending on current security context.

    Corteza can be configured in a way that it does allow the use of certain index policy.

    Different levels of indexing policies.

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