According to Wikipedia, “Technological Sovereignty” is a political outlook that information and communications infrastructure and technology are aligned to the laws, needs and interests of the country in which users are located.

As the Digital Work Platform for Humanity, the concept of technological sovereignty is baked into Corteza. However, technological sovereignty on its own is not sufficient for a modern economy. Corteza implements at least three other key ingredients:

a) Open Standards and Interoperability

Almost every major public cloud (e.g. Office365, Google’s G Suite, Salesforce, Slack) now supports open standards to a lesser or greater degree. Corteza actively drives open standards support along with support for other non-standardized yet mass adopted protocols and services. Maintaining interoperability with major clouds is important. Corteza helps your organisation avoid isolating itself by ensuring that collaboration is always possible. Economies are open, your key work platforms should be too.

b) Insistence on Platform Trustworthiness

Others need to be able to see and inspect the rules of the game i.e. the software code and architecture itself. The percentage of information and commercial exchange on electronic platforms continues to grow locally and globally. Trade of any type should require trust and confidence, in particular when it comes to sensitive messaging and records management platforms. Being 100% free and open source is a major advantage for Corteza, allowing any number of parties anywhere in the world to adopt the platform confidently and at the minimum of cost. With all Corteza platform development permanently committed to the public sphere, all parties can be sure of a balanced long-term relationship.

c) Great User Experience (UX)

The importance of good UX cannot be underestimated. If users reject your choice of work platform because they find the UX unacceptable, then the scale of the adoption task gets harder by at least an order of magnitude. Corteza places great emphasis on delivering a platform with a familiar look and feel to users i.e. on being a credible private cloud alternative to the market leading public clouds. For CRM, Low Code records-based management applications, Messaging and third party application integration and presentation, Corteza delivers a feature set and UX to comparable to any major player.

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