The Public Sector Case for Corteza – Secure Private Cloud Record-Keeping and Engagement

Before Corteza came along, have government and public sector IT departments ever had 100% independent Digital Work Platforms upon which they could operate? I don’t know the answer to this question, but if deployed examples are a fair measure, then the answer is that little if any choice previously existed. Backed by the Commons Conservancy Foundation and with a truly modern feature set and architecture, Corteza is one such private cloud solution.

The public sector case for implementing Corteza is clear:

  1. The business of governing is often the business of record-keeping. Corteza offers the most flexible open source records-based management system available, allowing your organisation to scale up to all manner of requirements.
  2. Standardised data formats ensure optimum cross-system compatibility. Your data will never be locked into a software vendor again and tax payer revenue will never again have to fund expensive migrations.
  3. With Corteza CRM, you get all the power of an enterprise class CRM at a fraction of the cost. Relationships should be built on the most trustworthy platform available.
  4. Corteza Low Code allows you to build as many individual records-based applications as you wish. Even better, you can execute imports and automations between these applications.
  5. Designed to scale, Corteza can be used to service entire populations. Citizen engagement has never been easier nor more secure.
  6. Corteza One delivers the tools to build your digital independence gradually. The 100% open architecture and standardised identity management portfolio integrates seamlessly with well known public clouds while simultaneously allowing you to build a private cloud of applications with more sensitive data security and privacy requirements.
  7. An upcoming mature implementation of LibreOffice Online ( means that sensitive documents can be securely created, edited and stored within the Corteza platform and all in your preferred formats.
  8. Corteza Messaging is a state-of-the-art, private cloud solution with a familiar look and feel and designed to be simple to use. Extending real-time communications beyond your firewall to external users and customers improves interaction and feedback, allowing your organisation to deliver the most dynamic service level possible.
  9. Public infrastructure should be owned and managed with the public in mind. Corteza, the Digital Work Platform for Humanity, is mandated by the Commons Conservancy to operate in the public interest.

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