Many providers claim to offer free CRM software. This is because is makes their offering seem more attractive. Unfortunately, there’s usually a catch. Is Hubspot free? Not if you want the really useful features. Otherwise it’s just a basic CRM. Is SugarCRM free? Not at all nowadays. Is Salesforce free? Not a chance. And let’s not bother exploring Microsoft Dynamics as a free company CRM.

Corteza CRM Suite is the world’s premium free CRM software

The term “Free CRMs” needs careful definition. It’s not all just about cost, because there are three factors which define its freedom:

• Free of Charge is often a top priority
• Free access to the complete code base of the CRM and all its features i.e. 100% open source
• Free from intellectual property bias

Even an informal comparison of CRM systems on the market reveals that almost none fit all these three key criteria. For instance, this is the case whether we’re speaking about opensource CRMs, SaaS CRMs or proprietary CRM’s. However, Corteza CRM Suite ticks every box 🙂

Free of Charge

Corteza is and will always be free of charge. You can download the lastest version here. Even Corteza documentation is and will always be free of charge – you can download it. There’s no “freemium” CRM model and there’s no open source CRM “dual licensing”, where they publish some parts of the software code, but hide other parts behind a paywall. The entire of Corteza CRM Suite is available to you right now.

Free Access to the Complete Code Base

Every single line of software code in Corteza is available in the public domain. Not just the CRM Suite, but the Low Code development platform upon which its written, Corteza Messaging, Corredor Automation and all extensions. This will always be the case.

Free from Intellectual Property Bias

Like Drupal, the world-leading enterprise CMS, Corteza and its future are governed by a foundation. Firstly, even the Corteza trademark is owned by the foundation and cannot be bought for commercial purposes. This is important, because trademarks are often bought so that the acquiring business can access the user base and push replacement technology while abandoning support for your deployment. With Corteza CRM Suite, this can never happen, because Corteza can never put such private interests first.

Of course, being the best free CRM means more than the above commitments. Corteza delivers a modern user experience, it is powerful Golang CRM for performance-related criteria and its fantastic features power an ever-growing list of enterprises across the globe.

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