We are excited to announce a new major release, version 2020.09. This release comes with significant feature and functionality upgrades, including Mail/SMTP improvements, new CRM Suite campaign automation scripts, added support for user impersonation and a lot more.

Additionally, the documentation has been restructured, improved and extended. For an open-source project to be successful, documentation needs to be excellent. So, we have added al lot of new information, including more details about how Corteza works, how you can install it, how you can get the most out of the low-code platform and other applications, and more. The new structure is as followed:

  • DevOps Guide
    This new, and extensive, guide is aimed at engineers responsible for Corteza deploys and maintenance.
  • End-User Guide
    Learn how to use Corteza Enterprise Messaging, Corteza One and the pre-built low-code applications CRM Suite and Service Solution.
  • Administrator Guide
    The ultimate guide for admin users in Corteza. Learn how to manage security, the admin panel and create new apps with the Corteza Low-Code Platform.
  • Integrator Guide
    If you want to build extensions for Corteza, this is the guide for you.
  • Developer Guide
    Want to contribute to the open-source project? Then this guide is the best start.
  • Upgrade Guide
    This guide will help you with how to update to the latest version of Corteza.
  • Examples
    This new chapter is perfect for readers that prefer to learn by example.
  • RFC
    Learn about new and exciting features that are currently being developed, such as Corteza Federation.

What is new in Corteza 2020.09?

Corteza Server

  • Mail/SMTP improvements: default sender, TSL, health-check)
  • External authentication fixed (due to initialization order)
  • Improve setting value decoding & conversion that caused crashes on startup
  • Use gin for server reloading (dev-env, a replacement for realize tool)
  • The first step in migration to OpenAPI, server API docs under /docs
  • Improve build-time/version information
  • Add support for user impersonation
  • Allow in-path signature for sink
  • Severity on actions & errors (actionlog definitions) tweaked
  • Various importer fixes and improvements
  • Various record input sanitization fixes
  • Optimize database transaction settings and use
  • Add health check service & API endpoints
  • Compose config importer/exporter fixed & improved (fields, charts, module resolving)
  • More flexible actionlog configuration added logging policies
  • Fix page reordering on the root node
  • Upgrade all provisioned config, “Service Cloud” renamed to “Service Solution”
  • All *after events are no longer async; service waits for results

Corteza Low-Code:

  • Add missing error fields
  • File upload/preview component fixes
  • Number field formatter fixes
  • Pagination for user & record fields

Corteza Admin area:

  • Fixes for auditlog, application editor
  • Improve automation script listing

The complete changelog is visible at https://docs.cortezaproject.org/corteza-docs/2020.9/changelog/index.html.

Try out Corteza yourself!

You can download and install Corteza on your own server. However, you can also sign up to the community server and try it out right now!

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