Planet Crust, the driving force behind Corteza, is excited to announce a new major release: Corteza 2022.9. 2022.9 updates the UI and adds Data Privacy, a Data Access Layer, Record Revisions, Permissions Debugging, Duplicate Detection, ECharts and more.


Updated UI

Version 2022.9 has updated the Corteza UI with an improved, contemporary look. The new version also streamlines the user experience.

Corteza Privacy

Sponsored by EU, Corteza Privacy allows you to configure and describe where and how sensitive data is stored on a module-field level. It expands the current data storing capabilities and adds features that enable data privacy, giving administrators more control over data privacy and managing private data.

Corteza Privacy also includes a Data Privacy Console to allow users to self-service (e.g. request to remove, change or download personal data).

  • With information from data sources set on a specific data module, each record can hold detailed information about the ownership and location(s) of particular data.

  • System Administrators are obliged to provide a data storage location upon setting up a Corteza data module.

  • Corteza Privacy also enables the selection of predefined data policies or new policies to describe the processing purpose and rules at a record field level.

Data Access Layer (DAL)

2022.9 extends and expands Corteza’s capabilities to store and read data from primary and external databases. Users will be able to use just about any record database table.

DAL helps isolate code from the presentation and business layers and can be used to pull data from different data stores (database server, flat files, web services, whatever else) or when changing the underlying database, for example, moving from one relational database such as PostgreSQL to MySQL and then abstracting the underlying database.


Record Revisions

2022.9 provides revision support so that history is tracked through extending records and adding a “revision” system field that holds a number that increments every time record is updated. All changes to a record are stored with an author and timestamp and can be accessed from Compose.

  • When enabled, all record operations are stored in the database.
  • A revision is only added when a record is updated, so newly created records don’t have revisions. This intentionally reduces the number of revisions that need to be kept.
  • Revision history can be enabled per compose module.
  • Tables must be on the same DAL connection as the records of that module.
  • Record changes can be viewed inside the new “record revision history” page block (only available on record pages).
  • Users can select a subgroup of fields to view changes.


Permissions Debugging

2022.9 introduces a new interface and new API endpoints that allow you to review users or combinations of roles.

  • Sets of permissions can be tailored to each role to meet its particular needs and can be inherited by users who fill the role.
  • If permissions for a role need to be changed, those changes are passed on to the users or members of that role.
  • Permissions control who has access to resources and the level of permission they have.


Duplicate Detection

2022.9 gives you tools to manage duplicates one at a time and across your organization, and to track your progress in eliminating duplicates. The duplicate detection feature can be used in creating or editing a record, on existing records, importing records, etc.

Corteza finds and handles duplicates using a combination of matching rules and duplicate rules. Duplicate rules and duplicate jobs specify matching rules that determine how duplicates are identified. Duplicate sets and reports list the duplicates found.

Apache ECharts

2022.9 replaces the Corteza chart library with Apache ECharts.

View the full changelog.

How to install Corteza

To install Corteza on your own server, get started here.

How to upgrade your Corteza instance

To upgrade your instance to the latest version of Corteza, follow our Upgrade Guide.

About Planet Crust

Planet Crust is the creator of and driving force behind Corteza, a 100% open-source low-code rapid application development, business process management and integration platform for software vendors, system integrators and internal development teams.

About Corteza

Corteza is a 100% open-source low-code rapid application development, business process management and integration platform for software vendors, system integrators and internal development teams. Corteza comes with an Apache 2.0 license and all code is published and can be reviewed at All Corteza code is contributed to the Commons Conservancy Software Foundation. For more information about the project, visit or follow @CortezaProject on Twitter.

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