Planet Crust has released a new update of Corteza, including new features and a long list of changes and fixes:

Release notes:

  • Added support for DAL aggregation on the RDBMS level to improve performance on larder datasets by utilizing existing technology (1215511e2).
  • Changed privacy request comment loading indicator by introducing a spinner (46da70e).
  • Changed Corredor server to use a newer Pino version to the same version as elsewhere to avoid interface collisions (8893f33).
  • Changed Corredor server to no longer start if the provided configuration is invalid. The Corredor server now checks for validity and errors out if invalid (8893f33).
  • Changed JSON handling within the Corteza’s DAL package. We made the change to improve performance when processing a lot of JSON objects by switching to the valyala/fastjson package (ce6d7d02e).
  • Changed multi-value geometry field editor and viewer (32703e4, 46378d8).
  • Changed the API docs to be up to date and include automation endpoints (b03a09812).
  • Fixed memory leaks caused by DAL when running reports. The reporting logic didn’t close the open data sources (5d476dcfa).
  • Fixed invalid resource retrieval, which led to missing logos and fav icons on instances where the server and webapp are split. We resolved the issue by properly determining the URL for this scenario (1079236).
  • Fixed UI/UX issues in regards to the report builder’s tooltip and button sizes (bcf2b36), properly displaying page block headers and footers on plain page blocks (7e8fb2f).
  • Fixed duplicated result argument display on workflow function configuration. The issue occurred due to improper rendering condition (945f287).
  • Fixed expression values not being visible in the configuration sidebar when configuring workflows.
  • Fixed expression values not showing in the sidebar (2bae1bd).
  • Fixed failing namespace export when using namespace with characters such as / and .. The names are encoded before being sent over to avoid these issues (1d2fe47).
  • Fixed record edit/clone button not appearing on all records if no record page is present (71af271).
  • Fixed using ${ownerID} in filters, now properly uses the ownedBy value instead of the currently logged in user (like userID for its value does) (93f7ebc).
  • Fixed the process of undeleting auth clients (e69b0ef, 9ccdcae, 38626bd).
  • Fixed record export when the record count was 0 by preventing the export (2d7a1f6).
  • Fixed performance issues on integration gateway route reloading caused by re-registering all of the endpoints when one was updated (269cdb1ba, 955c4d9b9).
  • Fixed data corruption which was caused by an improper Low Code record value migration (7e4e4d3b5).
  • Fixed exporting records to a specific timezone by encoding the URI params (362ddca).
  • Fix workflow function errors caused by fetching an array of resources. The error was caused by a change in how expression types are determined and is temporarily patched with an edge-case exception (b581fe86a).
  • Improved error reporting on new user sign-up (57721291b).
  • Prevented stored XSS attacks in the logout back link by implying additional sanitation steps to the value (f1f4f4bd1).

View the full changelog.

How to install Corteza

You can follow the offline deployment instructions for a local development or demonstration instance of Corteza. If you want to set up a live deployment, check out the extensive online deployment instructions. If you have questions, you can engage with other community members on the Corteza forum.

How to upgrade your Corteza instance

To upgrade your instance to the latest version of Corteza, follow our Upgrade Guide.

About Planet Crust

Planet Crust is the creator of and driving force behind Corteza, a 100% open-source low-code rapid application development, business process management and integration platform for software vendors, system integrators and internal development teams. For more information or to try Corteza on the cloud, please visit

About Corteza

Corteza is a 100% open-source low-code rapid application development, business process management and integration platform for software vendors, system integrators and internal development teams. Corteza comes with an Apache 2.0 license, and all code is published and can be reviewed at All Corteza code is contributed to the Commons Conservancy Software Foundation. To stay up-to-date on the project, follow @CortezaProject on Twitter.




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