Planet Crust has released a new update of Corteza including new features, such as additional Geometry field options and persistent storage on record filters. Additionally, an extensive list of fixes, such as a memory leak fix, have been included. With this release, the stability, speed and User Experience of Corteza have improved significantly.

Release notes:

  • Added deleted resources to Discovery indexing and searching (09d69f124)
  • Added JWT token duration option to the CLI command (679af2f55).
  • Added additional Geometry field configuration options such as default zoom-level (a8534ed, b7ab3e47, 97d1aed3, 98cf01b8).
  • Added processing indicator to record organizer for improved UX (0e85fbca).
  • Added support for translating system Low Code module fields (623adaf3).
  • Added persistent storage to record list filters allowing you to reuse previously used filters (e18267fd).
  • Added Discovery web application to the make webapp make command
  • Added pagination to search responses improving web application performance for large responses (e046f12, 7cb2d64)
  • General UI/UX improvements on Corteza Low Code, Corteza Admin, Corteza One, and Corteza Workflow.
  • Changed Low Code deletion to also remove the related record page 0ceade66
  • Fixed File upload for CSV files where the server incorrectly detected the MimeType 195c2bb13
  • Fixed invalid workflow resource iterator management where larger datasets crashed execution due to improper resource limitation implementation (0792c0a17).
  • Fixed improper workflow execution tracing where the workflow execution logic ignored the workflow trace parameter (41667a7da).
  • Fixed data race errors for pkg/locale (345050990), pkg/corredor healthcheck (a797c847b), pkg/healtcheck (662f5155b), WebSockets (e8cd7d37d), and pkg/scheduler (4a75778c1).
  • Fixed time transformation expression functions erroring out when valid string encoded time values were used (5b40f7875).
  • Fixed memory leak errors causing performance degradation on WebSockets (c64116fc8), content sanitization (9346b5702), Workflow loading (fa614c7ac), and expression processing (adee67f6b).
  • Fixed workflow attachment uploading for all supported types (Reader, Bytes, and String) (6fd2288df).
  • Fixed prompt duplication by preventing prompts from being resent over web sockets (SERVER_COMMIT_BASE)9c0026462[9c0026462].
  • Fixed Workflow HTTP request function basic authentication header preparation 2898e1b8c
  • Fixed CInputDateTime responsiveness (b0c6422).
  • Fixed CSidebarNavItems behavior (7c7b708).
  • Fixed missing report page block display elements (1625d1fc)
  • Fix Low Code failing to load due to read-only parameter assignment (ce5cd504).
  • Fixed system field translations in record page blocks (fa7e6808).
  • Fixed overflowing record list notification indicating there are no records to show (12b9fc7f).
  • Fixed inline record list saving (f54452c7).
  • Fixed system fields not appearing in record page blocks (de874a8b).
  • Fixed record list footer overflowing page block (9cb2d923)
  • Fixed field expression documentation link (301a1de8).
  • Fixed dropdown selects overflowing the screen (8e37e2b8).
  • Fixed feed indexing for deleted resources (f5cfb6c).
  • Improved E2E testing by adding data-test-id tags to specific UI components (56af630c0, 3bb8fe59).

View the full changelog.


How to install Corteza

You can follow the local setup instructions for a local development or demonstration instance of Corteza. If you are looking for setting up a live deployment, check out the extensive production setup instructions. If you have questions, you can engage with other community members on the Corteza forum.

How to upgrade your Corteza instance

To upgrade your instance to the latest version of Corteza, follow our Upgrade Guide.

About Planet Crust

Planet Crust is the creator of and driving force behind Corteza, a 100% open-source low-code rapid application development, business process management and integration platform for software vendors, system integrators and internal development teams. For more information or to try Corteza on the cloud, please visit

About Corteza

Corteza is a 100% open-source low-code rapid application development, business process management and integration platform for software vendors, system integrators and internal development teams. Corteza comes with an Apache 2.0 license and all code is published and can be reviewed at All Corteza code is contributed to the Commons Conservancy Software Foundation. To stay up-to-date on the project, follow @CortezaProject on Twitter.

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