Planet Crust has released a new update of Corteza, including new features and a long list of changes and fixes:

Release notes:

  • Added a new option to the record list which forces the viewed records to be opened in a new tab instead of the current window. The feature was added to remove the need to navigate back and forth, re-apply filters when users are working on multiple records from a record list (25e7090, f7191e5, 98fc48e).
  • Added a new link to parent option to the Record module field which dictates wether the input value will be pre-filled with the parent’s record ID. The feature was added to allow some cases from not pre-populating the input, such as a module with a record field which points to itself (059ebf8, a79a852, 0e9de63).
  • Added support for resource translations on Low Code funnel and gauge charts. The feature allows the user to translate funnel and gauge chart step labels (9f61346).
  • Added Content-Type: text/javascript header to the config.js file served by Corteza server. The headers were added because when MIME sniffing was prevented, the web applications would stop working (1bdf2b5).
  • Added new .env AUTH_JWT_ALGORITHM option allowing you to configure what algorithm to use with your JWT tokens (480e70e, 8e42126).
  • The record list now waits for the filtering to finish before allowing further filtering. The change was made due to unexpected cases where filter A resulted after filter B so the record list showed data from filter A instead of B. The record list now waits for you to finish typing the query before fetching the data and locking the input (dea2d99).
  • Changed module field expressions to clear out the record value when the expression returns the value null. Previously, the field would show the zero-value for that type, such as 0 for Number field. The change was made to allow field expressions to clear out their values, useful for some specific cases (0bef905).
  • Changed the password reset policy to prevent users from re-using their old passwords. Previously, users could reset their current password to the same one as they’ve previously used, but now such a change is no linger allowed and caused the password reset to fail (b44024f)
  • General UI/UX changes; tweaked chart resource translation button sizes (255317a), remove console error about undefined module when creating a chart (482d971), fix record field multi delimiter (e7249fb)
  • Removed Boolean and Record fields when searching Corteza Low Code records using the search input box. The Boolean field was removed because the truthy/faulty evaluation produced too loose filters causing unexpected results. The Record field was removed because the values are searched using identifiers which caused confusion in some cases. You can use the field-specific filters to cover these two cases (dea2d99).Important: The API filtering still supports the same set of fields as it did previously. The exclusion was specific to Low Code record lists.
  • Removed the “delete” button on the create template user interface on the Admin web application. The button was removed because there is no need for it to be there since you can’t delete a not yet created template (b72bdd0).
  • Fixed the workflow expression editor modal discarding the changes when saving using the cmd+s shortcut. The cmd+s shortcut is now disabled when an expression editor modal window is opened (0803d25).
  • Fixed the trigger path change notification not disappearing when reverting using the cmd+z shortcut. The trigger path change logic now properly evaluates the cmd+z and cmd+y shortcuts (a43e106).
  • Fixed improper multi-value module field handling in Corteza Reporter tables. Previously, the multi-value field would cause the row to duplicate, but now it is shown as one where the values use the same multi-value delimiter as configured in the module field (d65a767).
  • Fixed RBAC rule provisioning issue where the rule migration attempted to create a duplicated RBAC rule entry. The migration step now skips any RBAC rules which would cause a duplicate error when migrated (1f657b3).
  • Fixed broken backwards compatibility for the workflow compose record delete function. A prior bug-fix introduced additional lookup parameters which were set as required, causing the old scenario where an actual Compose Record was provided to no longer work. The compose record delete function’s namespace and module arguments are no longer required but are enforced in the background logic (378d0f2).
  • Fixed improper password constraint validation where the input boxes didn’t properly validate some edge cases. The minimum password length is now limited to minimum of 8 characters and the other properties no longer allow negative values (192bc08, e0f912b, 9b424a6).
  • Fixed improper calendar Low Code page block responsiveness which caused it to appear cropped when it was added. The bug was fixed by manually tweaking the calendar’s elements for layout changes (cf66f22).
  • Fixed Low Code charts not showing any data when the ${record} or ${recordID} pre-filter variables were used. The issue was caused because records were incorrectly resolved and not available in time (ec33de1).
  • Fixed Record field’s options when using a nested Record field where data is duplicated. The fix now correctly resolves duplicated records and correctly displays option labels (b954f59).
  • Fixed record list’s display where only one column is shown. The issue was resolved by adjusting the columns for the “metadata” (the checkbox and the action buttons) (2671c5d)
  • Fixed record page preview when accessing without a record. The page no longer infinitely loads and generally prevents access if there is no record (21c4f04, 924934e).
  • Fixed a visual bug with multi-value Record fields where the last selected record would be shown as the placeholder even if removed from the list of selected records. The fix now opts out of using the last selected record as the placeholder but falls back to a generic label (491bc19).
  • Fixed a display error for report tables when a joined data source provided no data. The table column now properly handles this edge-cases and constructs the table appropriately (953556a)
  • Fixed an error when trying to mark a role as contextual. The error was caused by an invalid internal state and is now resolved (b14e4e7)
  • Fixed failing index creation for Corteza Discovery caused by an unsupported data type. The fix changes the used data type for the cases which caused the index to fail. The error was caused by identifier indexes such as module ID, namespace ID, and record ID (25ebf75)
  • Fixed invalid time produced by the Date Time field when time, past/future, and relative output options were selected. The date-time logic now properly handles this option combination and properly handles the value (a4bbbab).
  • Fix improper resource translations for Low Code charts when looking up specific charts (b8ad97e), module fields when looking up specific modules (5ccd682)
  • Fixed improper record list and chart pre-filter evaluation which caused a pre-filter with ${recordID} to display no data when creating new records (6da48a0)
  • Fixed invalid counter when exporting records from a record list (d837e9e).
  • Added SonarQube GitHub build action to Corteza server (5999c70).

View the full changelog.

How to install Corteza

You can follow the local setup instructions for a local development or demonstration instance of Corteza. If you are looking for setting up a live deployment, check out the extensive production setup instructions. If you have questions, you can engage with other community members on the Corteza forum.

How to upgrade your Corteza instance

To upgrade your instance to the latest version of Corteza, follow our Upgrade Guide.

About Planet Crust

Planet Crust is the creator of and driving force behind Corteza, a 100% open-source low-code rapid application development, business process management and integration platform for software vendors, system integrators and internal development teams. For more information or to try Corteza on the cloud, please visit

About Corteza

Corteza is a 100% open-source low-code rapid application development, business process management and integration platform for software vendors, system integrators and internal development teams. Corteza comes with an Apache 2.0 license and all code is published and can be reviewed at All Corteza code is contributed to the Commons Conservancy Software Foundation. To stay up-to-date on the project, follow @CortezaProject on Twitter.

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